Prospect Breakdown: Rashad Vaughn

Rashad Vaughn’s College Stats

Team: UNLV

Vaughn College

Rashad Vaughn’s Las Vegas Summer League Stats

Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Vaughn SL

Rashad Vaughn is good at basketball. Like, really good. At the age of 19, he has a firm grasp on the art of scoring which would not look out of place among some of the more effective scorers in the league today. This is even more impressive because from a physical standpoint, while Vaughn has some good size to play the 2, he doesn’t really stand out athletically. He’s not all that quick, nor is he a flashy dunker. In fact, he tore his left meniscus in February, but he bounced back well enough to put up comparable numbers to his lone college season while in Summer League.

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Prospect Breakdown: Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson’s Las Vegas Summer League Stats

Team: Dallas Mavericks

 Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.04.10 PM

At the end of my last prospect breakdown for Maurice Ndour, I remarked that, “I like Ndour on the Mavericks as a long term development project. What he brings to Dallas is what their front office has started to recognize as an extremely valuable trait in the modern NBA- versatility.”

Versatility is the key word of the modern NBA. Players that have extraordinary physical tools and can defend multiple positions/score from multiple parts of the floor are so coveted that one of them just won Finals MVP.

Justin Anderson, or Simba, is a high floor prospect who has a prime opportunity to become a solid wing player given the minutes he’ll likely receive near the beginning of the season. He had a standout performance in Summer League and anchored the best defense in the nation at Virginia, and now he’s headed to the Dallas Mavericks as one of the best prospects they’ve drafted in the Cuban era.

So excuse me for my excitement.

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